Ronda Rousey Poised for the Record Books at UFC 190


There are plenty of records that Ronda Rousey has already broken, and many more likely to come. But the one that has been top of mind for many fans who like to bet on fights is that she could become the biggest betting favorite in UFC history when she faces off against Beth Correia in Brazil this weekend.

Biggest Betting Favorites

Rousey’s betting line is running -1700 during fight week. The line could tighten up after weigh ins, but then most betting analysts are still siding with Rousey despite the steep odds, as well as predicting a quick finish.

It’s hard to disagree with that sentiment. Rousey has the shortest average fight duration of any UFC champion, active or otherwise, a point we previewed earlier this week on ESPN’s MMA Live segment for UFC 190.

Whether or not Rousey closes above the prior UFC record set by Chad Mendes, or at least beats the prior title fight record set by Mighty Mouse Johnson remains to be seen. The best value bets will likely fall on the Under 1.5 rounds play, and the props for early finishes. But even few little value on Rousey’s straight play to win, the line could still move do to the other action.

Yet even if the fight is a “squash match” as the betting line suggests, fans will still want to tune in to see the most dominant athlete on the planet perform at their best.



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