The Book

Fightnomics the book is now available!


Is the Southpaw Advantage real for MMA?

Is it better to be young or experienced in a fight?

How is the UFC Tale of the Tape lying to us?

What about Ring Rust, or Octagon Jitters?

Are wrestlers ruining MMA?

How good are betting odds? More importantly, when are they wrong?

Finally, the fast growing sport of Mixed Martial Arts gets the analysis it deserves. What really matters in a fight? What surprising factors don’t? Common theories about MMA get put to the test with a little bit of science, and a whole lot of numbers. And so much more. The fight game will never look quite the same after you’ve peeked beneath the hood of how fights go down, and what really matters in a cage fight.

The book contains over 300 pages of MMA insight with over 150 full color images.


How to Get Fightnomics

Fightnomics is available exclusively online. The book is available in paperback on Amazon here.

For the digital Barnes & Noble crowd, you can get the Nook version here.

International customers looking for the print version can buy a signed copy from eBay, who will figure out their own international shipping rates, but it will take a little longer. Or we can also accept payments through PayPal – use the “Contact” link on this website and email us for instructions. Shipping is $13 USD to Canada, and $21 USD to other countries.

 It’s Here!